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Game last nite [29 Dec 2002|06:10pm]
I didn't get to see the game last nite cuz I had to work and my boss wouldn't let me watch it on tv while working. I heard tha he got a goal AND and assist. Not only that but I got to watch the puck drop and saw that he STARTED!!! He is doing so awsome. I am glad now that he had to spend so much time in GR.
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Griffins beat Admirals 3-2 [17 Nov 2002|06:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Been awhile since i've been here, well Sean is back down in G.R and Sean had the game winning goal lastnight :]

Sean Avery’s goal from the high slot at 13:47 of the third period proved to be the game-winner, and Marc Lamothe made 25 saves to push his personal unbeaten streak to nine games (6-0-3-0), one shy of Simon Lajeunesse’s franchise standard.


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Sum Avery Pix [17 Sep 2002|12:32am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Here are a few pics of Sean Avery from Training Camp in T.C enJOY! i'll be posting more later as more comes in and mine as well and i have LOTS of Avery pics since i took up two rolls of film on him..hehe

Sean Avery pixCollapse )

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Training Camp Starts tomorrow [12 Sep 2002|05:09pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I went to T.C this morning but didn't do much because you weren't allowed in the building cause of the guys were upstairs getting their fiscals :] but tomorrow is the offical start of camp.

Ill be taking some pictures with my digi cam finally got some good batteries ..yay!

oh i seen Sean Avery from a far off distance at least i thought it was him, unless he has a twin..and he has his head shaved :[ but, i loved his curly hair *cries*

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welcome [09 Aug 2002|07:00pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Welcome all to the Sean Avery 42's Community have any questions email me @ averyscrazy8@hockeyfights.com or just leave me a comment in my journal.//\\//JOY!! and have tons a fun!!! XD

Community Moderator

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